Heart & Stroke Spring 2022 Lottery Grand Prize #4 winner Greg Driscoll holding his cheque for $55,000

A win in honour of a dear friend.

Spring 2022 – Grand Prize #4 Winner - $55,000 Greg Driscoll, Otonabee

Greg Driscoll started buying Heart & Stroke Lottery tickets five years ago, in honour of a close family friend who passed away from a heart attack at age 65: “I was working for his wife around that time, and she gave me a Heart & Stroke Lottery calendar for Christmas. I didn’t win anything, but I decided to start buying tickets in memory of him.”

On a lunch break when his cell phone rang he says: “I’d taken one bite of my submarine sandwich. The Heart & Stroke rep told me that I was the grand prize winner of a backyard makeover or $55,000 cash. I thought she said $5,500. When she repeated the amount, my knees were shaking. I chose the cash, gave my sandwich to my buddy and went home to let it settle in.”

Of his winnings, Greg plans to extend his winter vacation in Mexico, adding: “I have two vintage hot rods, so I’ll probably buy another one. My friend who passed also collected old cars – he’d approve!” He plans to keep buying tickets because “it’s a good cause, and I know the money is being used for the kind of research that could benefit people like my friend.”

I thought she said $5,500. When she repeated the amount my knees were shaking.
Greg Driscoll - Spring 2022 Winner