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Your ticket makes a difference!

With supporters like you, researchers are finding ways to provide a better quality of life to people affected by heart disease and stroke in Ontario. See the impact of your support. 

Every ticket can help save a life

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Accelerate research breakthroughs to improve lives by repairing damaged hearts and minimizing the debilitating effects of strokes.


Enable partnerships with hospitals, universities, and health institutes to close the gaps in care that can lead to poor health outcomes.


Ensure funding for promising heart disease and stroke research is not interrupted, given the serious new risks due to COVID-19.

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Dr Anand

Lottery funds life-saving research

Dr. Sonia Anand, a renowned research leader, wants to prevent premature heart disease by studying high-risk populations. “Our findings can be used to develop prevention strategies, and may be applicable to the entire population” she says. 

Every ticket contributes to breakthrough research conducted by brilliant medical minds like Dr. Sonia Anand. 

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Paul G with his kids

Every ticket helps save lives like Paul’s

A 50-year-old father of two, Paul Goldberg survived a heart attack but struggled with his recovery process.  

Paul experienced debilitating physical symptoms – exacerbated by his medication. After receiving support from his cardiac rehab therapy group, his mental and physical recovery truly began.  
With your support, people like Paul can receive the life-saving treatment they need. 

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Stroke survivor Michael Reynos

Your support helps improve survivor recovery

At just 57 years old, Michael Reynos was suddenly unable to walk and had difficulty talking – he had experienced a stroke.

With his commitment to rehabilitation, coupled with the support provided by occupational therapy, Michael was able to regain mobility. “Giving up is not in my vocabulary” he says.

Every ticket helps to support the recovery of heart and stroke survivors, like Michael’s.

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Every ticket helps raise money towards our research, partnerships and funding our incentives.

Thank you, from our CEO

Together we’ve been able to continue to fund life-saving research, advocate for policies that make Canada a healthier place to live to prevent disease.

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