50/50 Lottery winners Tyson and Angela George hold a cheque for $913,812.50 while riding in a go-kart

Going BIG means winning HUGE!

Spring 2023 – 50/50 Winner - $913,812.50 Angela and Tyson George, London

I told my husband, ‘You’re not going to believe this!’ He jokingly said, ‘You won a million?’
Angela George - Spring 2023 Winner

When Tyson turned 18 a few years ago, mother and son real estate sales team Angela and Tyson George decided to “go big” in every draw with 5-pack Classic and 50/50 tickets, plus 35-pack July Money tickets. Angela says: “My mother won the Early Bird Draw years ago. I’ve always had a feeling we’d win something…we’re a lucky family!” 

She adds: “For us, it’s a good cause. My dad had a heart attack years ago, and buying every ticket gives us the best odds of winning.” Talking to Tyson on her cell when their winning call came in: “I saw ‘HSF Lottery’ and picked up. The caller said, ‘I’d like to say you’ve won a million dollars…but it’s pretty close!’ I went into shock and added Tyson to the call. We checked social media and saw our winning number – that’s when we knew it was real!” 

Along with gifting his three sisters, Tyson plans on investing and taking his best friend on a major trip to celebrate their 21st birthdays. Angela plans to gift her girls as well, plus pay off debts and do home upgrades. Of the win, Tyson says: “I’ve always loved the quote: ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ Plus, unlike most lottery tickets, even if you don’t win, you help others.”