Anne and Ryan Benninghaus hold their winning cheque for $100,000

Supporting research that saves lives like her Dad’s.

Winter 2023 – Grand Prize #4 Winner - $100,000 Anne and Ryan Benninghaus - Neebing

Something told me to pick up the phone.
Anne Benninghaus - Winter 2023 Winner

When Anne started buying tickets in 2020, she didn’t have any direct association with heart disease or stroke. Then, in February 2022, “We discovered my father had had a series of silent strokes. He didn’t think he needed to see his doctor, but we encouraged him to go when we noticed his memory was getting worse over time.”

She adds, “Tests did show memory loss, and his blood pressure was through the roof. His doctor told us he could go at anytime. He finally got the treatment he needed – he’s lucky to be alive.”  

At work when Heart & Stroke called, she says: “I couldn’t believe it was real, that we could be that fortunate. I had to check my email, because we’d won a free ticket from our original ticket in an earlier draw – THAT was the winning ticket! My husband and I only truly believed it when we saw the posting on the website the next day.” 

With long-awaited home renovations in the works, Anne says: “It was an easy decision to take the cash over the BMW or Mercedes-Benz Grand Prize – we live in Northern Ontario. That’s what’s great about this lottery, you have the cash option and with one to two odds, you don’t have to buy for years to win.”