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50/50 Draw

Winner takes all!
Winner takes all!

50/50 Draw

The jackpot keeps on growing!

The more tickets sold the higher the 50/50 jackpot will grow – and the more money will be raised to help beat heart disease and stroke!

The total jackpot amount this year was $1,889,275 with a winner's payout of $944,637.50!

Did you know? Winter 2024's winner took home $1.2 Million, that's even bigger than our Grand Prize!

Past 50/50 draw winner

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Lawrence Brisbois won over $1.1 million!

When the facts added up to Lawrence Brisbois being a millionaire, the first thing he asked himself was, “Can I fully retire?” And that’s exactly what he did: “We’re going to buy a house and invest the rest of it so we don’t spend it all – because (smiling) I do want to STAY retired.”  

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