Grand Prize lottery winner Daniel Marc holds a cheque for $1,000,000

Big win for a big heart.

Spring 2023 – Grand Prize #2 Winner - $1,000,000 Daniel Marc, Mississauga

I said ‘no way, I don’t believe it.’ And I still don’t!
Daniel Marc - Spring 2023 Winner

When it comes to buying lottery tickets, supporting a good cause is important to Daniel: “Even though I haven’t been personally touched by heart disease or stroke, I know many have. I buy to win, but also to do what I can to help save lives.” 

In line at the bank when his “million-dollar call” came in, he saw “HSF Lottery” on the screen. Picking up his phone and being told that he’d won one of the biggest Heart & Stroke Lottery prizes left him speechless: “I really couldn’t believe it. I called my wife Elizabeth and she refused to either.” 

At home, they compared their ticket to the winning number for Grand Prize #2 on the lottery website: “It became real then. All we could think about was how lucky and grateful we are. We have a safety net that will take the worry out of finances, along with being able to invest and provide gifts to our three children.” 

Daniel is also paying it forward: “It’s amazing to win, but we’re planning to donate some of our winnings to Heart & Stroke. We want to give back.”