Tracy Dillon holding cheque

From a $25 VISA card win to $1,000,000 Grand Prize.

Winter 2022 – Grand Prize 1 Winner - $1,000,000  Tracy Dillon, Toronto

Legal clerk Tracy Dillon was working at home when she got the call: “They said, ‘I’m from Heart & Stroke and I have some really good news’. I asked if it was a scam call because I’d just received one five minutes prior. I was skeptical.”  

She put the phone on speaker so her husband and son could listen in: “I told them, ‘I won a million dollars’ and they’re giving me that ‘I don’t believe you’ look.” The three were silent as the representative provided details of the $1,000,000 Grand Prize win. Then, Tracy burst into tears: “I’d won $25 VISA cards in the past, but this was a total shock.”  

She adds: “I never purchased a ticket thinking I would win…it was just a way of giving back.” Both father and father-in-law survived heart attacks thanks to “incredible medical care”. Amazingly, it was a Heart & Stroke refrigerator magnet identifying the signs of stroke that helped save her mother: “She was displaying all the symptoms. We immediately called 911, and she survived because we acted so quickly. She lived another eight years.” 

Along with replacing two “really old cars” she plans to “help our two sons with down payments for homes of their own…this is going to change their lives.” She will continue to purchase tickets in honour of her mother, and to support “amazing research that saves lives.” 
Finally, it dawned on us that this was REAL.
Tracy Dillon - Winter 2022 Winner