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What happens when you decide to “give it a shot”

Winter 2021 – Super Bonus Prize - $50,000 Winner Dana Case, Barrie

As supporters, Dana Case and his wife Nancy were well aware of the work done by the Heart & Stroke, but hadn’t known about the Lottery. “One day, a flyer came in the mail, and we thought, why not give it a shot? So we bought a ticket.” 

Then, the call came in: “They said I’d won the Super Bonus $50,000 lottery prize and for a minute, I thought they were pulling my leg, that it was a scam.” 

When Dana and Nancy realized that the caller wasn’t kidding, they decided to put their winnings toward their mortgage: “Eventually, when Nancy and I retire, we want to move to a smaller place so we’ll have less money to pay on the mortgage and we’ll get more money back from selling our house.” 

Dana’s firm belief that research saves lives comes from his own experience with loved ones: “I want to beat heart disease and stroke because it’s affected our lives. Nancy’s mother passed away from a stroke. My father had quadruple bypass surgery.” 

If you want your money to go towards research, and if you’ve been touched in any way by heart disease or stroke, buy the ticket.
Dana Case - Winter 2021 Winner
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