Woman standing in front of fishing boat and large Legend Boat business sign
Linda Guay was gassing up at Canadian Tire when her phone rang. She recalls, “I looked and it was Heart & Stroke. When I got home, I was in the kitchen when the phone rang again.” This time, she picked up. 
She was told that she’d won a prize in the Heart and Stroke Lottery. “The girl said I’d won the fishing boat and I repeated ‘fishing boat’?” Then, Linda learned that her Legend 2021 16 ProSport SC Package (valued at nearly $20,000) included a state-of-the-art motor and trailer as well.  
For Linda, this was great news: “The reason I picked the boat instead of the cash is we have a pontoon boat, but we don’t have a fishing boat. Every time someone says we’re going fishing, we kind of look at each other and say ‘gee we should get a fishing boat.’ And bingo, I WON!” She adds: “We have many friends that love to fish, and they’re overjoyed they’ll be coming out with us.” 
Linda has already purchased tickets for the next Heart & Stroke Lottery because, like so many of us, her connection to the cause is personal: “In 2002 my stepfather had a hip replacement, but he died on the operating table from a heart attack. In 2010, my mother died of congestive heart failure. Every time I’m on the boat, I’ll be thinking about the work of Heart & Stroke.” 
Every time I’m out on the boat I’ll be thinking of the Heart & Stroke.
Linda Guay - Winter 2021 Winner

Spring 2021 – Recreational Prize – Legend Boat Winner Linda Guay, Everett