Manuel Caetano holds his winning cheque for $1,000,000

Going “full out” made him a millionaire.

Winter 2023 – Grand Prize #2 Winner - $1,000,000 Manuel Caetano – Vaughan

Heart & Stroke is close to my heart.
Manuel Caetano - Winter 2023 – Grand Prize #2 Winner - $1,000,000

Supporting a good cause is something that comes naturally to Manuel Caetano. Having a son pass away from leukemia in 1996, followed by a heart attack at age 60 in 2021, he says: “It’s been hard. I do what I can to help from my heart.”  

Now retired and recovered, Manuel decided to go “full out” and purchase the Classic Lottery 5 ticket package along with 50/50 and March Money add-on draws: “I didn’t expect to win, I just wanted to give.”

In the kitchen with his wife Nancy and daughter Linda when he received the million-dollar call, he ignored it the first time: “It rang again, and my wife said ‘Pick it up!’ When they said it was really good news, my wife started screaming and jumping around – I was in shock, it was amazing, so helpful.” 

He adds: “I did think about winning the truck and trailer prize to visit my son on Orr Lake. Now, so many doors have opened! I haven’t been to Portugal since coming to Canada, we can help our kids…I’ve already bought into all the draws coming up!”

And of course, he’s put an order in for the truck of his dreams.