Manuel Caetano holds his winning cheque for $1,000,000

The perfect timing for a BIG win.

Winter 2023 – Grand Prize #1 Winner - $1,000,000 Richard Pomeroy - Toronto

I was always happy to get a gift card.
Richard Pomeroy - Winter 2023 – Grand Prize #1 Winner

As someone who has been buying tickets 20 years, Richard Pomeroy chose Heart & Stroke Lottery because “It affects, friends...I’ve been affected personally.”

He was getting ready to leave for his job as a cook when he noticed the message on his phone: “It’s usually duct cleaning, so I disregarded it at first.” When a second message came in saying ‘you really need to call me!’ he picked up: “I was speechless. My cat Bubba jumped on my shoulders…he knew it was good news!”  

Then, he left for work: “I always leave my phone in my locker, but that night I was on the phone trying to reach my sister…I finally sent her an email with nothing but a link to the winners announcement.”  

In addition to paying off debt, Richard is planning a “bucket list” trip to Iceland: “I’m Canadian, I want to go even further north and experience hot springs and northern lights!” He adds, “The timing is perfect, I just got my first passport ever two weeks ago.” 

He stresses the “double whammy” of supporting a good cause with a chance to win something at the same time: “I was always happy to get a gift card. Now look at me…you just never know!”