Randy and Barb Marcotte holding a cheque

Winter 2024 - Grand Prize #2 - $1,000,000 Randy and Barb Marcotte, Sudbury

We were happy to receive that wonderful prize, no doubt about it!
Randy and Barb Marcotte - Winter 2024 Winner

Of the 27 years that Randy and Barb have been buying Heart & Stroke Lottery tickets, Randy says: “It was nice to win a few gift cards but really, it’s about supporting research to make inroads into heart disease and stroke. Barb’s mom and dad had heart attacks, my dad had heart issues, and friends have been terribly affected.”  

He'd just come home from shopping when Barb told him there was a call saying he might have won a prize: “Barb was rattled – we get so many fraud calls, she didn’t get all the details.”  
When the phone rang later, he says: “We were suspicious, but I knew it was the draw day: February 29. When we were told the winners would be posted online the next day, we checked…and didn’t see my name. It turns out there were so many Marcotte’s listed that I hadn’t scrolled down enough – we were VERY upbeat after that!” 

Planning to share the winnings with family and friends, they’ve already purchased tickets for the spring Lottery to give to others.