Winter 2024 - Grand Prize #5 - $100,000 Joan Harlan , Woodstock

So many families are devastated by these conditions.
Joan Harlan - Winter 2024 Winner
Joan Harlan was on the floor at work when her phone rang: “I ducked into an office and when I was told I’d won $100,000 I kept repeating, ‘Are you serious? Seriously?’ I honestly thought it was a hoax. After the call, I went back to work.”  

When the phone rang again the next day, she was told that her name would be posted on the Heart & Stroke Lottery website that afternoon. Finally, reality set in: 

“I sent a picture of my name on the lottery website to my husband, who was working out of town.”   

Joan’s first ticket purchase was three decades ago, in honour of family: “My Dad’s Mom passed at 65 from thrombosis, my Mom’s father at the same age from heart attack, and my Mom and her sister have vascular cognitive dementia.” 

Relieved to be able to pay off debts, the couple plan to build a garage and go on a special trip to Scotland to visit family.
She’s already purchased a combo of spring lottery tickets, including 50/50 and July Money “for even better chances of another win!”