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Buying every time pays off big

Winter 2021 – Early Bird Prize - $140,000 Winner Harold Hamilton, Exeter

Harold Hamilton was outside watching work being done on his house when he found out he’d won the ultimate adventure package – a 2020 Ford F150 King Ranch plus a Legend Q-Series Cottage Pontoon boat, or $140,000 cash. 

His wife Doris walked toward him, carrying the phone. Handing it to him excitedly, she said: “It’s for you, it’s Heart & Stroke!” Harold recalls: “When they told me I’d won a truck and a boat or cash, I was flabbergasted. It was a wonderful surprise!” Choosing the $140,000 cash meant that he could share his winnings with his children and grandchildren, plus fund annual trips to Florida. 

The 73-year-old has been purchasing tickets for nearly two decades, always making sure to “complete the order form and send it off as soon as the brochure arrives in the mail.” He adds: “Buying tickets is one of the best places you can spend your money. It takes a lot to do the work that Heart & Stroke does. They’re doing a mighty fine job, and they need our support to keep it up. None of us knows when we’ll need help.” 

Harold and Doris lost a good friend to stroke and then heart attack at a very young age: “My sister-in-law also went through the same thing, but she’s recovering – she’s got a battle ahead of her yet.” 

As long as I’m on this planet, I’ll keep buying tickets. I want to beat heart disease and stroke.
Harold Hamilton - Winter 2021 Winner